Cash back casino bonus Tips to getting the most out of Casino Cashbacks

The new talk of the town is a cashback casino bonus. It is nice to see some fresh ideas in the industry with ways to give back to players and letting them play more. A cash back bonus is basically a % of all a player's net losses that is given back to them. This is super useful as it automatically translates into more play time and more chances to win big.

To answer any questions you may have in this regard we have created this easy โ€˜how toโ€™ guide to get you going.

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About Casino Cash backs

Cash back deals are not some new invention created by casinos, in fact they have been around for many years. The concept of rewarding customers with a certain amount of cash after spending their hard earned money with a particular business has been utilised in various industries. The purpose of doing this is to keep customers spending at that business. When you shop at your local store and you swipe your rewards card, the money you receive at the end of the month back into your account is just another type of cashback program.

At South African online casinos the cashback reward system has been used with great success. Casinos that offer cashbacks have seen a huge improvement in customer retention and players seem to be very happy with receiving some extra funds ( understandably!) .

What is a cashback casino bonus

So what is a casino cash back? Well, whenever you lose anything at a casino this is money going out of your pocket and into the casino. A Cashback is therefore a percentage of this amount given back to you. It is important to note that it is your net losses (losses minus your winnings) that go into consideration.

For example if you deposit R500 with a 10% cashback. If you lose everything with gambling online the casino will give you R50 back into your account the next day

Cash back vs Welcome bonus

The cash back deal is often mistaken for the welcome bonus. This is in actual fact not always the case. These two offers are merely advertised together to draw in new customers.

The main difference between the welcome bonus and the cash back bonus is that the welcome bonus is a once off promotion awarded to you upon signing up. The cash back offer on the other hand is a recurring promotion that happens at the end of each period. Whereas the welcome bonus happens only once the cash back promo will stay active as long as you are depositing and playing with real cash.

What are some of the benefits of cashback bonus

There are some clear benefits to cash back bonus that jump straight at you. However, there are also some subtle benefits that you would only be aware of if you are experienced with casino bonuses.

Let's take a look at some of these benefits:

Your overall winnings will be better in the long run
The fact that you will always receive a portion back of your net losses makes you a winner even on your worst days. The fact that you will never leave empty handed is a huge benefit. Always having something to play with is a big reason why this particular type of bonus is so popular.

Zero wagering requirements are applicable
The great thing about cash back bonus is that you are not required to fulfil wagering requirements before you can withdraw these funds. As soon as the money comes into your account you can withdraw it or play with itโ€ฆit's yours!

Automatic, with little effort on your part
To claim your cash back reward you do not have to do anything. The casino will calculate your net losses and give you your cash back. It's really as simple as that. This leaves more time for you to play your favorite games!

Cashback bonus South Africa FAQ

The amount that you will receive back will be dependent on what the casino offers. Usually it is a percentage of your net losses, for example 10%.

It is usually instantaneous and requires very little from your site. Since the casino is simply reimbursing you with funds the process time is not as long as other transactions.

No, there are usually no wagering requirements. The amount that you receive as a cash back is yours and you can do with it as you please.

CashBack bonuses is a certain amount that you have lost at the casino that is credited back to you. The amount given back is the net value of your total losses over a period.

Fortunately a cashback bonus does not need to be claimed. It is an automatic bonus that requires no further action on your part.