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About Live Casinos in South Africa

The progression from  land based casinos to online casinos was a major leap for the industry. It brought the casino to us instead of us going to the casino. The next step in the evolution of the gmaling industry would be to make the online experience more real. This is where live casinos come in.

By utilising the latest breakthroughs in technology live casinos have accomplished what they set out to do, and that brings the entire casino package to the players front door. Every aspect of the game that you are playing will be identical to what you would experience in an actual land based casino.

Essentially what you are getting is an actual live streaming of a game right to your door. You control everything from your side but that's as far as it goes. A live dealer shuffles and deals yoru cards while you go up against other real life players. The social aspects are greatly improved and you really do feel like you are back in the good old brick and mortar casino where it all started!

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What is the upside of paying at a Live Casino?

There are many benefits when it comes to playing at a live casino in South Africa but at the end of the day it all boils down to preference. What you prefer will determine what brings value to your experience. If live casinos in South Africa give you this then you should definitely check it out.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of playing at live casinos

Online live casinos brings the social element back to the online experience
The downside to playing online is that you no longer can start up a conversation with the lucky bugger next to you. Online casinos bring the social back into gambling online by allowing you to gamble next to other real life people. Even though these people may be on the other side of the world it is nice to have a chat or even unleash some serious banter.

Improved performance
If you are a seasoned pro and you gained your experience playing at land based casinos you may be in unfamiliar territory online. With live casinos you are put back in familiar waters where you can show everyone who's boss!

Playing in the comfort of your own home is always an upside. You can play your favorite game while sitting in your pajamas. There's nothing better!

Cost effective
It's no secret that playing at land based casinos is expensive. All the hidden costs such as beverages and transport costs to and from the casino are avoided by playing from home!

What games will you find at live casinos

Based on the technology in use live casinos will only offer certain games. These are typically your table games that you find at a land based casino. Here, we will look at the types of games that you can expect to find.

Some of the typical live dealer casino games include:

Live Blackjack
Blackjack is one of the most common games that you will find at a South African online casino. It is no surprise then that online casinos have developed a live version of this classic table game. Through streaming technology you will be able to tune in live and participate while the actual game takes place in a studio. Everything is real here except for the fact that you are sitting comfy at home!

Live Baccarat
This casino classic has managed to increase in popularity due mainly to the fact that the live feature has been so successful. This โ€œeasy to play but hard to masterโ€ game involves players betting on one of two hands. One hand is dealt to a player and the other to the banker. Players then bet on whose hand will be closest to the value of 9. As easy as it may seem Baccarat is one of the most exciting games at the casino and it has now been made even better with live features.

Live Roulette
This 200 yer old game has been given a new lease on life with the online live version. This classic table casino game is famous for its big spinning wheel. The wheel is separated into black and red squares as well as various numbers.  A small ball is placed on the spinning wheel and where it lands determines how much you win. This is without a doubt one of the most popular casino games. The live version is streamed from an actual casino while you place your bets at home.

Live Card Poker
Just as online poker is different to land based poker, so too is online poker different to live poker. The key differences between online and live poker is that everything takes a bit longer. Shuffling of cards, dealing of hands and counting of chips are all in real time with real people. This realism is what some people crave and this is why live poker has become so popular in recent years. With the impact that technology has had on the industry you can now expect to find HD streamed poker tournaments, straight to your screen, where you can place your bets and have some banter while you're at it

Live Casino South Africa FAQ

Yes, there are a number of great casinos that offer live games to South African players. These casinos can be found right here on our site. You will not have to worry about the time difference as these casinos are running live games 24/7.

A quick squiz at our reviewed casinos will show you some great options for casinos that offer live casino games. Alternatively, a quick google search may come in useful as you search a live casino that accepts South African players.

Poker, baccarat, blackjack and roulette are among the most frequently seen online live games. However, casinos are constantly coming up with new and interesting games for their customers!

Live casinos stream the games directly from a brick and mortar casino to your home. They use state of the art equipment to bring you a truly memorable experience.

Live casinos bring you back to the feeling of being inside an actual casino. Which a lot of people enjoy. They also make the games feel more realistic which can help improve your focus and strategy.